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Playful Office of Microsoft in Several Color Combinations in Redmond

To work in the playful office with attractive decoration will make your work becomes very fun. The office interior can affect your working performance. Playful office design creates a better mood for working so that employees have increasing working rate. Now, let’s see the Microsoft office decoration situated in Redmond, Washington. This project was done by the studio O+A and Microsoft. They had really great and successful work shown by the result of this interior decor.

Comfortable Lounge of Microsofts Building 4 with Bright Lamps

Microsoft’s Playful Office Interior Decoration

Named as the Building 4, this playful office has decoration concept which are about concentration and interaction. Therefore, every room is designed in attractive room style where employee can focus on their work but still be able to socialize with other people. From the front office, we see the brown interior made of the original wood cladding. On this wall, the Microsoft’s metallic letter decors are mounted to the wall.

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Office Renovation in Modern Interior Design in Bright White Scheme

If you have a plan to do the office renovation, it will be better if you read this article first. We will review about the office renovation plan coming from the Montreal Bureau 100 that has location in Montreal, Canada. This project was held by the NFOE et Associés Architectes in the year of 2012. They made very successful work shown by the transformation of the old interior into the brand new ones. Let’s walk around and check these out!

Attractive Glass Wall in Bureau 100 Nfoe Office Meeting Room

Office Renovation Decoration Concept

This building is located among the city’s neighborhood. Because of this reason, in the office renovation, glass wall is used for many parts of the outer wall. The brick and concrete wall are combined with these glass windows. This is intended to connect the indoor room and outdoor environment. It also allows abundant of sunrays exposing the working room. This can be very healthy for all employees and such a basic concept that you have to know before making the construction.

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Colorful Office of Skype Firm for Fun and Joyful Working Atmosphere

To create the fun decoration this colorful office of Skype will inspire you. Located in Stockholm, Sweden, this company offers the cheerful working space where you can work among the colorful office furniture and stuff. This company has philosophy about creativity and functionality. Therefore, they want the architect to apply this design concept into the room’s decoration. The result is very amazing because it turns into the very attractive interior where you can work well.

Colorful Chairs and White Stools in Skype Interior Office

The Basic Construction of Skype Colorful Office

There is social space of colorful office filled with many of furniture like the sofas, chairs, and tables. Sofa has bold turquoise color that stands out among the other furniture. This makes this office area becomes bright and fresh. It is completed with the brown triangle table and black wired chairs. The basic room construction is in neutral scheme made from the white painted wall and ceiling. Moreover, the floor has grey-brown feature.

Simple White Stools and Wooden Table in Skype Interior Office Stunning Details inside the Colorful Skype Interior Office


Unique White Island and Stools inside Skype Interior Office

Colorful Office Interior Decoration

pS Arkitektur really have a good work shown by the successful design in this colorful office of Skype. The employee will not get bored easily because the room creates an attraction which can be such an entertainment too. There are also plenty of light bulbs in artistic decoration that brighten the entire room. Another room has all-white room design where many of sofas in different color. But, every room has its own theme in different decoration.

The black and white room is also built in this office. This is intended to create bright interior with modern and stylish concept. If we walk again, room with white wall and brown hardwood flooring can also be found there. However, it is decorated by using the colorful office accessories and furniture. Wall painting attached on the wall makes the design well-blended. This colorful office has joyful atmosphere where you can have a fun workspace.

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